Stroumbi is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Paphos district, its warm and hospitable inhabitants will impress you right away as they are always willing to help and show you around the village.

Entering the community, you will sew the Patrol Station on your left. A few meters away, at the end of Polemi region, you will find the detention rooms used by the English on your right. It is where EOKA fighters were led and tortured.

A few meters away from the detention rooms, emerges the chapel dedicated to Saint Marina and is of Byzantine style.

If you keep straight, you will reach the centre of the village. You will see the traditional tavern “LEMONARI” on your left and only a few meters away you will see one of the playgrounds of the community and a traditional fountain with potable water.

What is worth visiting is the green park- located on your right-with pine trees, palm trees and a garden filled with colourful flowers. On your left, you will find the Fire Brigade and the Police Station. It must be noted that tavern “STROUMBI” is situated behind the Police Station.

The village square is decorated with an age long and tall eucalyptus tree.

Just across, you can see the high Co-op shopping centre. You can find agricultural and construction tools in this store that serves not only farmers but also almost all the inhabitants of the surrounding area.

On the right and left of the square there are many traditional coffee shops and other kinds of shops. The main church of the community dedicated to God’s Wisdom is set at the end of the square, along with many other facilities of the Community Council and services.

The Co-op offices, a Supermarket, the place where the “Dionysia” festival takes place, the Primary School and the Kindergarten are located right after the square.

You should stroll around the old village of Stroumbi. Return back to Paphos-Polis highway and turn left directing towards Polis. The old and beautiful old village of Stroumbi lies a hundred meters away. Walk through its narrow alleys and witness the beauty of the renovated traditional houses with wooden doors and internal yards. A church dedicated to Saint George is at the centre of the old settlement.

Heading north, you will meet the agricultural area of the community that has been extremely developed and where mansions have been built over the last few years.

Concluding, when you get back on Paphos-Polis highway and turn right tworads Polis, you will see “ELIA” kiosk, which serves as a ‘replenishment station’ for the whole region. You will also see on your right a wonderfully renovated house, the coffee-shop and bakery of the community, as well as restaurant “Dionysos” on your left.