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Stroumbi — Pafos
Tel. 26632446, 2663320
Fax 26633135

Established -by a group of followers of the co-op movement -as the Participial Co-operative General Store of Stroumbi in 1937. In 1938 it is registered by the Registrar of Companies & Official Receiver as the Co-operative Credit Society of Stroumbi.

It becomes active in the sector of credit and financing and offers various low-interest loans such as housing, agricultural, and occupational loans. It accepts all kinds of deposits such as Demand Deposits, Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, and Deposits Accounts (Time Deposits). It has privately owned offices as well as its own storehouses of agricultural utilities. It also has a store for retail sales (Supermarket) operating for the service of its members and customers.

A 5-member committee that is elected every 3 years administers it. It offers its services to members and customer on a national scale.