The President and the members of the Community Council of Stroumbi that were elected during the municipal elections of 18/12/2016 are:
Full Name: Demetrakis Ppalas (President)
Τelephone: 99632766
Full Name: Aristotelis Charalambous (Vice-President)
Τelephone: 99653390
The members of the Community Council are:
Full Name: Neofytos Ch”Charalambous
Τelephone: 99623906
Full Name: Panicos Komodromos
Τelephone: 99520372
Full Name: Antonis Antoniou
Τelephone: 99683135
Full Name: Ioannis Matthaiou
Τelephone: 99131838
Full Name: Aristotelis Zacharia
Τelephone: 99603897
The personnel of the Community Council is:
Full Name: Andri Athinodorou
Τelephone: 26632042
E-mail: [email protected]