Just like in all the villages of non-occupied Cyprus, Stroumbi has also been hit by the plague of the urban pull, mainly because of the primary occupations of the community’s inhabitants
Since ancient times, the region of Stroumbi is renowned for its vines; thus the inhabitants the permanently reside in Stroumpi -and also those that do not reside permanently in the community -are occupied with viticulture. Other keep is as their main profession and others -unfortunately the majority -as a secondary occupation. However, they all continue the tradition that was left to them as heritage by their ancestors.

There were two factories in the region of Stroumbi that produced wine out of the local grapes but -unfortunately -they were destroyed and seized operating after the disastrous 1953 earthquakes.

Several varieties of vines are cultivated in the region, such as Mavro (local dark red), Carignan, Aspro (local white), Cabernet Franc and also Sauvignon, Lefkada (Vertzami), Chardonnay, as well as Sultanina (Sultana, Thompson’s seedless) that is mainly a table grape but is also used for the making of wine, of the traditional Zivania (strong, transparent spirit), and also of “palouze” (must-jelly) and “shoushoukos” (must-stick with almonds).

The wine industry SODAP, which will construct a winery of European standards within the community’s boundaries, seems to adopt the high-ranking place that viticulture holds in the hearts of Stroumbi’s inhabitants,

The inhabitants of Stroumbi also occupy themselves with the cultivation and production of fruits. Most known are the apples and pears that are produced in the region, being aided in their growth by the amazing climate that predominates in the area.