In the context of its efforts for an upgrade, the community has proceeded with the construction of projects that are an ornament for the region and also a point of attraction for both local and foreign visitors.

  • Communal building
    It is a building based on all the rules of modern architecture that is consistent however with the design type of a building raised in a village.
    The communal building has the following:
    Offices, which house the services of the Community Council, of the Dionysus Sports Club, and of the regional Health Officer.
    Health Centre, which operates every fortnight and is staffed by a Doctor for the Hospital of Pafos.
    Events / Activities Hall, which hosts conventions of agricultural organisations, cultural events of the community’s schools and also of the Youth Centre.
    Conference Room, where the meetings of the Community Council, of the Dionysus Sports Club, of the committee for the Dionysia Festival, and also of the committee of the Co-op Credit Society take place.
  • Venue for the Dionysia Festival
    Seeing that the annual “grape festival”, Dionysia, attracted many visitors, the Community Council responded immediately and proceeded with the reconstruction of the venue, installing a paving and reconditioning the buildings that are found in the area so that all of them will relate to our folkloric tradition.
  • Reconditioning of the Fountain
    The reconditioning of the Fountain in the “Lemonariou” region was done recently and a great effort was made to get it done exactly like it was in previous times. It is one of the very few monuments of folkloric tradition that one can visit.
  • Works of art “welcome” and “say goodbye” to the visitors at the entrance and exit of the community.
  • Stone-built bus stop
  • Retaining wall dedicated to Agios Georgios
  • Retaining wall with paintings depicting the four seasons of the year.
  • Tree-planting which took place due to the initiative of the Community Council

The works were designed by Charalambos Stroumbiotis from the village of Stroumbi.

The Community Council also has other great projects in mind, which will be made public when the studies that are conducted will bring forth results.